AC Stone is committed to servicing our fabricators and industry partners with the highest quality engineered stone alternatives.

With the exit of the use of engineered stone across Australia, AC Stone has been working on developing a new range that has the same durability, strength and beauty.

After rigorous research and development, we have created a new line of cutting edge and tested products called ‘ArtsCut ZERO’, which contain less than 1% Silica content. Comprising a blend of recycled materials, ArtsCut ZERO is designed to offer a seamless alternative to traditional engineered stone.

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Design and performance

ArtsCut ZERO maintains the same grade and performance as AC Stone’s previous engineered stone products while preserving the same tactile feeling. 

First colours available January 2024!

ArtsCut ZERO range will feature many beautiful designs with some available in late January 2024 and new colours added throughout the year. With these first colours customers can have an early opportunity to explore this cutting-edge solution.


The Federal government has recently decided to implement a ban on engineered stone across Australia from July 1 2024. AC Stone acknowledges this decision, and values protecting the health of our fabricators and will follow the required protocols. With this, AC Stone will continue providing service of our existing engineered stone range until July 1, 2024.

Our new product, the ArtsCut Zero series contains less than 1% silica, is compliant with the WorkSafe regulation and will be continuing to supply to all Australian homeowners.

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