Why choose AC Stone

Stands the test of time

The installation of stone in your home is an investment for the future. Have peace of mind knowing that AC Stone kitchen benchtops are designed to be safe, durable and high quality so that it can stand the test of time

Test of Time

Made for everyday use

AC Stone Quartz Stone and Porcelain is crafted to be stain resistant, scratch resistant, heat resistant, durable, strong, hygienic, anti-fungi and non-porous. We are dedicated to ensuring that we are offering high quality kitchen benchtop surfaces suitable for everyday use

Natural Minerals

AC Stone kitchen benchtops are made with Quartz minerals, and have the benefit of durability, strength and scratch resistance. Combining the beauty of natural Quartz minerals and modern design, AC Stone surfaces are bespoke in artistry, technology and practicality


Timeless Designs

The kitchen is the heart of the home, AC Stone lives to create timeless designs so you can explore new ideas, come together with family and friends in a comfortable and beautiful space.


We are conscious about ensuring your safety, and protection for every end user and installer, AC Stone kitchen benchtops pass all necessary guidelines and protocols.


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