Arabescato Grigio (AC2050)

AC2050-Arabescato Grigio

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Confident and sophisticated, AC Stone Arabescato Grigio is a stunning piece, guaranteed to be the centre of attention in any kitchen, commercial or interior space.

AC Stone Arabescato Grigio has a lustrous dark black hue and shard like design that mimics the natural look and design of marble stone. Arabescato Grigio confidently shines in any space, and will complement and elevate dark textures and tones well. As a kitchen bench top or splash back, AC Stone Arabescato Grigio will take any kitchen space to the next level.

Porcelain is a strong, durable and heat resistant surface which can be used for both outdoor and indoor needs. Whilst emulating the look and feel of marble closely, Porcelain has added practicality, including being easy to maintain, and withstanding outdoor weathering.

MEASUREMENTS: 1600x3200x12mm



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