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Created and crafted for your dream home

Masters in Quartz Stone and Porcelain surfaces, we will bring your kitchen benchtop dream and vision to reality. Combining the beauty of natural Quartz minerals with modern design, AC Stone kitchen benchtops are artistic, technology driven and practical.

Why Choose AC Stone

Eco friendly Quartz Stone

Designed with you and our industry partners in mind, AC Stone Eco range is the first step to a more innovative and safe future. AC Stone Eco range has lower percentages of crystalline silica, and more than 50% recycled materials, including recycled glass in its composition.

The future of homes and kitchens

Balancing quality, sustainability and durability, our team of engineers, designers and manufacturers use modern machinery and technology to craft AC Stone surfaces that minimise waste during production and decrease the harmful materials released during manufacturing. AC Stone is both timeless, safe and an investment for the future of your home.

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Our Philosophy

Our genuine passion is stone. So we are individualy, and as a company, driven tirelessly in the pursuit of true quality. Our satisfaction comes only when we source the best minerals to produce slabs to the utmost highest standards.  

We understand that the installation of a Quartz slab in your home, office, or showroom, is an investment in your future. This motivates us to innovate consistently; to create products that are not only strong and durable but timelessly beautiful. 

Sourced from the finest minerals around the globe, there are some millions of years of Earth’s history in their formation. We honour that sheer magnitude of time and the raw beauty of the material it creates, by employing only passionate and highly skilled craftsman to lovingly hand-finish all our products.

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